Residential Builders

Shearerbuilt have a proven history of completing residential projects from small renovations right through to high end architectural homes. In fact, we pride ourselves on being one of the most versatile residential builders in the Christchurch market. Because we back our systems we’re always willing to provide detailed fixed-price contracts. We employ an “open book” approach when negotiating, confident in our ability to accurately forecast costs and happy to stand behind the commitments we make at the start of a project. We accept nothing less than the highest standards from our team, demanding a tidy, respectful and professional approach at all times. That not only encompasses quality building practices and meticulous finishing, but also a relentless focus on health and safety on site.


EQ Repairs


We are always excited to become involved in new projects. If you have a set of plans or documentation for a repair or rebuild please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with a full build proposal that will give you a transparent starting budget. From this point we can then start working together on your selections and finish specifications, this will help eliminate any PC and Provisional sums so there are no nasty surprises for you down the track.

With our design build process we meet with you to establish your project brief and budget. Following this we get you engaged with professionals that suit your specific requirements. We work with various architects, consultants and designers, to build a team that suits you. We typically oversee and manage the activities of all parties involved, so that they can focus on the project’s objectives and what is expected of them. We achieve this by understanding your needs and setting out a framework of controls that can be applied to the entire process.

Our Process


For our design build projects we like to engage with you early on in the process. You may come to us with a specific site or we can assist in finding a site that suits your needs and budget. During this part of the process we meet with you to establish your needs, wants and requirements to build the big picture. This process is important to creating the correct team of design consultants who will understand your style and budget. Alternatively you may have a specific architect or other consultants you wish to work with. We are more than happy to work in with any and all design consultants. Near the end of this process we can develop a preliminary outline project budget and an estimated programme for design, consents and build timeframes. This will give you surety to move forward into the design process.


During this process we typically manage the design programme and oversee the developing documentation. Depending on the scale of your project we can stage the design process if required. Residential projects normally run with a single design stage and one budget check before locking in a contract value, however this can be multi-staged if required. Commercial projects we handle typically have concept and detailed design stages. This allows for two budget checks and gives oppourtunities for value engineering. Larger commercial projects may have upto three design stages. Whilst progressing through the design process we also negotiate a form build contract with you thats fair to all parties involved. Upon completion of the design we can enter into the agreed contract and begin the build.


It is our mission to provide you a complete project on time, on budget and to a high quality. During the build we will regularly report to you the client on the status, financials and programme of your project. During the early stages of the build we can work with, or recommend any other consultants if required such as interior designers or landscape architects to complete your project. As a client you will also be inducted into our health and safety systems so that you can visit site. This gives you the opportunity in person to monitor progress and see how things are coming together. Shearerbuilt Ltd takes great pride in the detail, quality and finish of all buildings and homes we construct. We look forward to handing you the keys to your complete property.